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$50A $50 donation can fuel world-class research to transform the future of cancer and power a compassionate support system to make life better for people affected by cancer.

$125A $125 donation could help create more tomorrows for the nearly half of Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

$200A $200 donation could advance research so fewer people get cancer and more people survive it, while ensuring a support system is there for everyone affected by cancer.

$250A $250 donation could help change the future of cancer forever—because the breakthroughs of tomorrow depend on the investments we make today.

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The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is dependent upon the generous support of donors and volunteers to fulfill its mission. We collect your personal information to process your donation, issue a tax receipt, provide updates and inform you about other ways you can give and help. This information will only be used and shared with CCS's business partners for the purposes identified above, or as required by law. You can unsubscribe from email lists by contacting Donor Care at 1-888-939-3333 or at For more information about our privacy practices, visit
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