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Our partners

For more than 20 years, the Canadian Cancer Society has been able to count on the business community’s commitment and we are so grateful for their support. Many of these people have put thousands of hours into their work on the Gala des Grands Chefs and they have been instrumental in the success of these events.

This year, the Gala des Grands Chefs is back in person. Make a real difference by encouraging your organization, colleagues and contacts to support the cause by attending this exclusive gastronomic event at the Montreal Convention Centre or by donating to our fundraising campaign.

Join our partners and help support the Jacques-Cantin Lodge.

Carine Michel

"I am proud and honoured to support the Canadian Cancer Society and to co-chair the Gala des Grands Chefs for a third year.

We all know a family member, friend or colleague who has cancer, which is why it’s essential that we keep supporting the research and local initiatives undertaken by CCS, especially when it comes to helping and supporting the families of those living with cancer in our area.

On a personal level, I lost my aunt to breast cancer when she was my age. Two years ago, we lost our beloved colleague, who died far too soon from pancreatic cancer. And right now, my close friend's two-year-old granddaughter is battling a cancerous brain tumour. Sadly, this disease spares no one.

A lot of progress has been made in recent years, yet we still have a long way to go!

But with your involvement, I am confident that we can ultimately eradicate this disease.”

Carine Michel
Vice-Chair, Deloitte Canada

Our partners

An estimated 2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. So many of us have been directly or indirectly touched by cancer. Our partners embrace our vision to strive for the world’s best cancer outcomes when it comes to cancer prevention, treatments and support. Their generosity enables us to improve and save lives. Together, we can change the future of cancer.

Thank you to our co-presenters

Quebec’s Gala des Grands Chefs campaign appeals to the generosity of the business community and the general public. Join us and be part of our movement to save and improve lives.

Help change the future of cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society's Jacques-Cantin Lodge, a home away from home for people with cancer who must travel to undergo treatment. The lodge also offers social and emotional support through different programs and activities. They are places where people living with cancer can meet other people with cancer and their families, who understand what you are going through.


Together, let's fund the Jacques-Cantin Lodge: a home away from home for people with cancer and their families.

Together, let's fund the Jacques-Cantin Lodge: a home away from home for people with cancer

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