Your donations at work

Every dollar raised shows that together, we are bigger than cancer.

With your support, we can offer people living with cancer:

A sympathetic ear, support, and personalized information so they don’t have to feel isolated during the pandemic.

Access to cancer information specialists, available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., by phone, email, or live chat at

Information on all types of cancer, their treatments, and available services.

An engaged business community

An engaged business community

In 2019, over 3,000 business people took part in the Galas des Grands Chefs in eight regions of Quebec and raised nearly $1 million to help people living with cancer. This year, we’re encouraging everyone in Quebec the business community and the general public to support our fundraising campaign.

Together, let's keep the conversation going. Because no one should have to face cancer alone.

Your donations at work - In 2019

More than 13,000 people living with cancer contacted the Cancer Information Helpline

Over 2,400 cancer information pages were made available on the Canadian Cancer Society’s website. On the Quebec portal alone, more than 2,358,004 people visited the Cancer Information Service sections for a total of over 7,597,021 page views.

103,760 brochures were sent to Quebecers who requested it. 50 brochures and leaflets were available for download.


I’m so happy that I can help people with cancer and make a difference in their lives. It’s important to me that every single person who calls the Cancer Information Helpline gets an answer to their question or at least a possible solution. What gives meaning to my work as a cancer information specialist is the opportunity to give people the comfort and relief they seek. I love my work at the Canadian Cancer Society and being part of such a great team.

- Yesenia Alvis, Cancer Information Specialist

Yesenia Alvis


The organization that helps the most people living with cancer. Medical jargon isn’t easy for people to understand, especially when they feel anxious after being diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals don’t always have the time to respond to all the questions they need to be answered. There’s no way these needs would be met without the Canadian Cancer Society's Cancer Information helpline.

- Anne Plante, Oncology Nursing Consultant, Montérégie

For the first time, this virtual Quebec-wide fundraising campaign for the Gala des Grands Chefs is appealing to the entire business community and to the general public. Join our ambassadors and chefs and be part of this movement of solidarity with those living with cancer.

Help change the future of cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society, the largest charity in Canada to fund all types of cancer, raise awareness on cancer prevention, and provide the most support services, while being a trusted source of information.


Business people are joining their voices and inviting you to show your generosity.


The community of chefs is coming together to give hope to people living with cancer.

Together, let's keep the conversation going!