Your donations at work

Every dollar raised allows us to prove that together, we are bigger than cancer.

With your support, we will be able to:

Fund researchers whose research projects address key aspects of cancer prevention and the reduction of cancer-related risks

Raise awareness on cancer prevention through health promotion programs

Work with governments to establish more effective public health policies

An engaged business community

A committed business community

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the business community showed their unwavering support by participating in our first ever virtual fundraising campaign. More than $260,000 was raised to help people living with cancer.

As we did last year, we’re encouraging businesspeople and the general public from across Quebec to contribute to the cause by taking part in our virtual fundraising campaign. For the very first time, we’re also inviting you to enjoy an exclusive culinary experience as part of our “Gourmet Dinners” concept.

Together, let’s make cancer prevention a priority!


In 2020, thanks to your generosity

More than 13,000 people living with cancer contacted the Cancer Information Helpline

Over 2,400 cancer information pages were made available on the Canadian Cancer Society’s website. On the Quebec portal alone, more than 2,358,004 people visited the Cancer Information Service sections for a total of over 7,597,021 page views.

103,760 brochures were sent to Quebecers who requested it. 50 brochures and leaflets were available for download.


“Preventing the incidence of certain cancers is what I find the most rewarding and motivating about my work. My team’s campaigns and projects have a direct positive impact on the health of Quebecers, like teens through the Miss UV campaign and baby boomers through initiatives to promote the early detection of colorectal cancer. By maximizing our efforts, we will be able to prevent thousands of cancers over the coming decades. Working to reduce the public’s exposure to cancer risk factors and to raise awareness on the importance of early detection, even during a pandemic, is why I do what I do! I take great pride in working with my team and with allies who are so dedicated to the cause.” 

- Alexandra Lalonde,
Project Manager,
Cancer Prevention

Yesenia Alvis
David Raynaud


“Ever since I arrived at the CCS, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many projects aimed at promoting the development of public policies that help people with cancer and their loved ones and to advocate for their families with elected officials. I love my job because it makes me feel like I’m making a difference in improving Quebecers’ quality of life and health and in bringing lasting societal changes. For example, this year, our advocacy work helped extend Employment Insurance sickness benefits, increase the federal tobacco tax, and more effectively oversee legislation surrounding vaping products.”

- David Raynaud,

Our partners

2 in 5 Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. So many of us have been directly or indirectly touched by cancer. Our partners embrace our vision to strive for the world’s best cancer outcomes when it comes to cancer prevention, treatments and support. Their generosity enables us to improve and save lives. Together, we are bigger than cancer!

Thank you to our major partner
Kitchen Galerie
Restaurant Helena
Chez Victoire
Le St-Urbain
Café Holt

The Gala des Grands Chef's Quebec-wide virtual fundraising campaign is appealing to the business community and to the general public to be part of a movement of solidarity that will save and improve lives.

Help change the future of cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. We fund research projects on all types of cancer and raise awareness on cancer prevention by working with governments to establish more effective public health policies.


Businesspeople are joining their voices and inviting you to show your generosity.


The community of chefs is coming together to give hope to people living with cancer.

Together, let’s make cancer prevention a priority!