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Top chefs feed hope once again

The Gala des Grands Chefs brings together renowned chefs who use their passion for gastronomy to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. We are proud to receive the support of some of Quebec’s most renowned chefs to create the Brigade of Hope 2023, including:


Sébastien Laframboise

Sébastien Laframboise, Chef, Le Parlementaire of Assemblée nationale du Québec and Brigade of Hope

Le Parlementaire
Caroline Dumas

Caroline Dumas, Chef, Bloomfield

Pierre-Luc Favreau

Pierre-Luc Favreau, Chef du Tapeo

David Hibon

David Hibon, Chef, Le Flamant

Le Flamant
Stéphane Modat

Stéphane Modat, Chef, Le clan

Le Clan
Jonathan Rassi

Jonathan Rassi, Chef & Instructor, ITHQ’s restaurant


Our sommeliers

Our Brigade of Hope 2023 would not be complete without our talented sommeliers from Interlude Nouveau Monde. Specializing in natural wines, they will concoct exceptional food and wine pairings for optimizing your gastronomic experience.

Interlude Nouveau Monde

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Thank you to our co-presenters
iA Financial Group
Thank you to our partner
Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)
Repos St-François d’Assise (RSFA)
Cogeco Media

The Gala des Grands Chef's Quebec-wide virtual fundraising campaign is appealing to the business community and to the general public to be part of a movement of solidarity that will save and improve lives.

Help change the future of cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. We fund research projects on all types of cancer and raise awareness on cancer prevention by working with governments to establish more effective public health policies.


Partners: Our allies encourage you to make a difference by being generous and joining us in making a difference.


Ambassadors are people from the Montreal business community who want to contribute to transforming the future of cancer.

Maison Jacques-Cantin

Impact: Together, let's fund the Jacques-Cantin Lodge: a home away from home for people with cancer and their families.

Together, let’s make cancer prevention a priority!