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Your donations at work

Every dollar raised enables us to show that together, we can change the future of cancer forever.

Nothing big gets solved by one person. To take on cancer, it takes all of us. It takes a society. With your support, we can fund the Jacques-Cantin Lodge, a home away from home for people with cancer who must travel to undergo treatment.

Maison Jacques Cantin

The Jacques-Cantin Lodge is an affordable place to stay for people with cancer and their caregivers and is conveniently located near the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital.

Maison Jacques Cantin activities & Programs

The Jacques-Cantin Lodge provides social and emotional support through various programs and activities. Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay in a warm and welcoming environment.

Maison Jacques Cantin community

The Jacques-Cantin Lodge is a warm meeting place where people with cancer and their loved ones can talk, make new friends, and build a strong support network.

An engaged business community

A committed business community

Last year, the business community once again demonstrated its unwavering support. These allies took part in our fundraising campaigns and enjoyed a gastronomic experience at the Gala des Grands Chefs. As a result, we raised $329,164 to help people living with cancer.

This year, once again, we invite the Quebec business community, as well as the public, from across the province, to attend the Gala des Grands Chefs in person or to donate to our fundraising campaign. All the money raised as part of the Gala will go towards funding the Jacques-Cantin Lodge.

Together, let's fund the Jacques-Cantin Lodge, a home away from home for people living with cancer and their families.

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Thanks to your generosity, this is what we have accomplished:

We’ve funded researchers whose research projects address key aspects of cancer prevention and cancer-related risk reduction.

We raised public awareness for cancer prevention through public health promotion programs such as the Memo-mamo campaign, the “Together, let's dethrone colon cancer” campaign and the “J’aime ma peau” (I love my skin) campaign.

We’ve worked with governments to create more effective public health policies.


“Customer service has been my passion for over 20 years. I worked in the hotel industry before I joined the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) in 2018, so helping people have an unforgettable stay has always been in my DNA. Now that I work at CCS though, it’s taken on a whole other meaning for me. Working at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge involves so much more than making sure our guests have a nice stay. It means sparing them from stress and anxiety about where they will stay and how they will get around. It also means providing them with support and comfort at a low cost. One of the objectives of the Jacques-Cantin Lodge is to give people the warmth of a home, which is what we strive to do every day; consistently delivering topnotch service while remaining attuned to the needs of our guests. It’s very rewarding. I get to see the immediate impact of my work on someone's stay. Seeing our guests smile during organized activities after those rough treatment days is extremely gratifying.” 

-Jennifer Fabris, Director, Lodges - East

Jennifer Fabris
Pierre Dessureault


“My wife and I used the Jacques-Cantin Lodge’s services on several occasions. I always felt at home there. The employees are very cheerful, warm and helpful. They’re all rare gems, from the reception and housekeeping staff to the attendants, cooks and volunteers. The rooms are very well maintained, clean, and are even more inviting since the renovations. I am truly grateful because without the Jacques-Cantin Lodge, many of us wouldn’t have the means to get the care we need.”

Pierre Dessureault, prostate cancer survivor

Quebec’s Gala des Grands Chefs campaign appeals to the generosity of the business community and the public. Join us and be part of our movement to save and improve lives.

Help change the future of cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society's Jacques-Cantin Lodge, a home away from home for people with cancer who must travel to undergo treatment. The lodge also offers social and emotional support through different programs and activities. They are places where people living with cancer can meet other people with cancer and their families, who understand what they are going through.


Our partners encourage you to make a difference by being generous and joining us in making a difference.


The community of chefs is coming together to give hope to people living with cancer.


Ambassadors are people from the Montreal business community who want to contribute to transforming the future of cancer.

Together, let's fund the Jacques-Cantin Lodge: a home away from home for people with cancer.

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