Our partners

For more than 20 years, the Canadian Cancer Society has been able to count on the business community’s commitment and we are so grateful for their support. Many of these people have put thousands of hours into their work on the Gala des Grands Chefs and they have been instrumental in the success of these events.

Since we can’t gather in large groups like we usually do, we ask that you use your network and support our virtual fundraising campaign. You can also show your support by attending our gourmet dinners, an exclusive culinary experience delivered in a more intimate setting. You can make a real difference by mobilizing your organization, your colleagues and your contacts so we can more effectively prevent cancer.

Join our partners and help make cancer prevention a priority so we can save lives.

Francois Dion

Levio is proud to partner with the Gala des Grands Chefs

This year, Levio is once again committed to the Canadian Cancer Society by participating in the Gala des Grands Chefs.

Levio was founded on strong human values and always strives to give back to its community. We stand in solidarity with all those who, in one way or another, have been affected by cancer at least once in their lives.

We are extremely proud to contribute to improving and saving lives by supporting this cause that is very close to our hearts.

François Dion
President and CEO

Thank you to our major partner
Kitchen Galerie
Restaurant Helena
Chez Victoire
Le St-Urbain
Café Holt

The Gala des Grands Chef’s Quebec-wide virtual fundraising campaign is appealing to the business community and to the general public to be part of a movement of solidarity that will save and improve lives.

Help change the future of cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. We fund research projects on all types of cancer and raise awareness on cancer prevention by working with governments to establish more effective public health policies.


The community of chefs is coming together to give hope to people living with cancer.


Together, let’s make cancer prevention a priority.

Together, let’s make cancer prevention a priority!