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Early detection is the best way to prevent colon cancer.

Colon cancer screening rates are low among gay and bisexual men.

Did you know that we have higher risk factors for colon cancer, and studies show that we are less likely to go to the doctor because of actual or feared mistreatment due to homophobia?

While there can be many barriers to taking care of your health, it’s important to get screened (i.e.: get checked out) for colon cancer because it can save your life! Screening means checking for cancer before you have any symptoms. Screening can stop cancer before it starts or if found, treat it early so that intervention works best.

If you’re a non-trans gay or bisexual man, you can learn more about colon cancer, risk factors and information on how to get screened by selecting from the menu above. Trans men and people on the spectrum can visit our page on colon cancer in transmasculine communities. Screening saves lives!

For information on Get Screened and our focus on colon cancer for gay and bisexual men, click here.