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Fundraising tools

Start online fundraising

All Relay For Life participants receive access to their Fundraising Centre. Make the most of your Fundraising Centre with this easy how-to guide.


Monitor your progress.

Use the central dashboard to keep track of the progress you’ve made towards your fundraising goal.


Personalize your page.

Add a photo and share why joining Relay is close to your heart. Teams and individuals who personalize their pages raise more money and are more successful in reaching their goals.


Make a self-donation.

Your Fundraising Centre lets you kick-start your fundraising with a self-donation to your team or individual page, which shows potential donors your commitment to the cause.


Send out your page.

Use the Fundraising Centre’s share link button in the central dashboard to text or email your page to potential donors — they can donate to you from there.


Share on social.

Our social sharing buttons will share your page on your social platforms with a customizable message asking for donations. Update your friends and family on your progress using the hashtag #RelayForLife.


Send emails.

Send out pre-written emails to friends and family that discuss why you’re fundraising and include an opportunity to donate. And don’t worry — you’re able to edit these emails however you’d like!


Say thanks.

Show your gratitude with a selection of pre-written emails and messages that you can customize for your donors.

Fundraising Toolkits

Participant Fundraising Toolkit

Want more fundraising tips? Download our Fundraising Toolkit for more online fundraising ideas.

Team Fundraising Toolkit

Use this toolkit to help your team sign up, fundraise and get excited for Relay all while making a meaningful difference.

Relay for Life Posters

Download and print this Relay For Life promotional poster to promote the event in your community. Put them up in your windows, businesses or workplaces to encourage your community to get involved with Relay For Life!

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement

Every year, companies across the country form teams at Relay For Life. Our corporate engagement resources explain who to get your workplace involved.

Corporate Toolkit

Our Corporate Toolkit explains how to get your workplace involved and create a corporate team.

Corporate Matching

Does your employer have a matching gift program? Complete our corporate matching form for your employee to match your donation and be eligible for a tax receipt.


Asking for donations

Your network expands beyond your close friends and family. Use this sphere of influence to reach out to everyone you know. Here’s how you can encourage people to support your fundraising:

  • Recommend different amounts for people to donate.
    People often appreciate some direction – especially if they haven’t donated before.
  • Be enthusiastic!
    In addition to funding groundbreaking cancer research, tell people about the Canadian Cancer Society’s support services for people with cancer. Remind people about our online and phone-based support programs, which more Canadians have been relying on during this challenging time.
  • Follow up.
    Life gets busy, and often, people could just use the reminder to donate.


Did you know that top Relay For Life fundraisers will receive fundraising awards? Learn more about our individual and team awards and how to qualify.

Learn more about awards


Participants who hit specific fundraising milestones and have opt-in to the program will receive exciting rewards.

See Relay rewards