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Employee fundraising

Establish a payroll deduction program

Organizations can make the Canadian Cancer Society their charity of choice by engaging their employees in the fight against cancer through payroll deductions. Employees can make a donation each pay or as a one-time annual gift.

Employee payroll deduction offers the convenience of automatic payroll deductions while enabling your employees to have an impact in your community.

Registering for employee payroll deduction is quick and easy! Click here to get started.

Make a matching gift

A corporate matching gift program is a simple and effective way to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Many companies offer a corporate matching gift program whereby they will match an employees’ donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. Donations can be matched up to a certain amount per year per employee or they can be unlimited.

Why should your organization match employee donations?

  • Raise your profile as a responsible corporate citizen
  • Demonstrate support for your employees' charitable interests.
  • Increase your employees’ impact on the fight against cancer.

Employee volunteer grants: turning volunteer time into a charitable gift

Many Canadian companies offer employee volunteer grant programs to reward and recognize their staff's volunteer service and achieve philanthropic goals. These companies will make a donation to a charity when one of their employees or retirees completes a certain number of volunteer hours with a charitable organization.

By offering an employee volunteer grant program in your workplace, you have the opportunity to reward your employees when they volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society by making a donation to the national leader in the fight against cancer. Promoting a spirit of social responsibility not only boosts team spirit, but helps you attract and retain the best employees.

If your company does not offer an employee payroll deduction program, please consider starting one today.

To learn more about employee payroll deduction, matching gifts or employee volunteer grant programs, contact today.


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