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Prostate Cancer Survivor: Brian Hillis


September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian men. This September, dedicating your fundraiser to prostate cancer will help people like Brian.

Brian was just 55 years old when he heard the words, “you have prostate cancer.” The diagnosis shocked him but, with his wife out of town, Brian was left to cope on his own. On his doctor’s advice, Brian visited the CCS website to get accurate and trusted information that gave him answers and comfort when he didn’t know where to turn.

For men and their families facing prostate cancer, CCS is there with compassionate support programs that ease anxiety and feelings of isolation, and expert information to guide and empower.

Together, we can create a future where no Canadian fears prostate cancer.


Virtual fundraising ideas that make a difference

If you have the passion, but you’re not sure how to turn it into action, then take a look at these online fundraising ideas!


  • Hold a Reading Challenge - Set a goal of reading 5, 10 or however many books you like in a month and ask your family and friends to make donations to support your goal. This is a good way to get younger readers involved as well!
  • Set up a Fitness Challenge - Challenge friends, virtually, to see who is the fittest with a series of challenges such as push ups, chin ups or sit ups. Collect online donations as you reach your goal!
  • Hold an indoor Walk-a-thon - Set a step goal and then invite friends and family to sponsor you. You’ll be surprised how far you can walk without leaving your own home!
  • Put on a virtual live concert - Dust off those musical talents and stage a live online concert for friends and family and ask for donations.
  • Instead of gifts, ask for donations - To mark your birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding or another special occasion, ask family and friends to make an online donation and forgo gifts.
  • Host a trivia night - Online trivia is a fantastic way to entertain people, promote some friendly competition and let people show off their skills! Ask for donations as a virtual “ticket” to your trivia night.


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