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About Cops for Cancer

About Cops for Cancer

Cops for Cancer is an array of fundraising events that include police agencies, first responders and emergency service personnel. The fundraising events include our cycling tours, where riders engage communities, schools, heads shave events and movement challenges. These events are vital in helping the Canadian Cancer Society fund childhood cancer research and uphold the largest cancer support system in the country.

About Cops for Cancer

Cycling Tours

Cops for Cancer Fundraisers

Head shaves have been a part of the Canadian Cancer Society since 1997.

Police agencies, first responders, emergency service personnel, communities, schools, and individual participants are all encouraged to participate in Cops for Cancer! Participants have the opportunity to create fundraisers such as head shaves, ponytail cuts, or movement challenges.- the ideas are limitless on how you can raise funds to support children living with cancer!

Join us this year for Cops for Cancer and fundraise.,One child with cancer is one child too many. Nothing big gets solved by one person or one organization. To take on cancer, it takes every one of us. It takes a society.

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Virtual Head Shaves - A Cops for Cancer rider getting their head shaved

Your dollars at work

With your support, we’re helping people live longer and enhancing their quality of life.

We are the largest national charitable funder of childhood cancer research

We provide a support system that helps children affected by cancer and their families live their lives as fully as possible

We advocate for better support for parents and legal guardians who care for children with cancer and help shape health policies that will save lives