Your Impact

Why we relay

Each dollar raised will help us be bigger than cancer. With your support, we can:

Fund groundbreaking cancer research that will help more people live with and beyond cancer.

Shape health policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease.

Provide a national support system, so no one has to cope with a cancer diagnosis alone.

two women hugging each other


Last year, thousands of people across the country came together to support those affected by cancer in their communities. Together, we raised $23 million at Relay For Life!

Thanks to our community

Thanks to you, we’re helping people across the country live longer and fuller lives. Here are some of the ways we made an impact in 2018.

Almost 206,000 trips were provided to Canadians with cancer-related appointments.

We helped more than 338,000 people through our peer support programs.

We invested $4.54 million in research focused on improving quality of life during and after cancer.

Over 14 million people accessed our information resources on

We welcomed more than 9,400 guests to our lodges, for those in treatment away from home.

Successfully advocated for plain packaging regulations for tobacco, which are now the best in the world.

Relay for Life survivors

Cathy Telfer

“I was so moved by the Survivors‚ Victory Lap, ” says Cathy. “There is nothing quite like being cheered on by participants and sharing a moment of gratitude with other cancer survivors. We all had different cancers and treatments but we all share the same appreciation for what the Canadian Cancer Society is doing in terms of research and providing a national support system that made a difference to us. ”

Cathy Telfer — Relay For Life participant

Join Your Community

Join us at Relay For Life to provide hope to those with cancer, support the survivors in our communities, and help us make lasting change for people across the country.