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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Daffodil Campaign and supporting the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Question - Required - Have you volunteered with the daffodil campaign in the past?

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By completing this form as a volunteer participating in a Canadian Cancer Society event/campaign, I agree to the following:

I will abstain from smoking and use of alcohol or drugs while volunteering. I recognize that all Canadian Cancer Society events or services are smoke free and that I should not be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs while I am volunteering.

I understand that confidentiality is fundamental to all programs of the Canadian Cancer Society and that I will strictly abide by and be sensitive to the need for confidentiality.

I grant permission to the Canadian Cancer Society to use my name, any photo or video images of me and any comments made by me in writing or otherwise, for promotional purposes in any form of media (e.g. TV, radio or print).

During my time volunteering, I will agree to act in a professional manner at all times.

I fully understand and am aware that there are foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, dangers and hazards associated with my participation in any Canadian Cancer Society activities and/or while volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society (collectively the "Risks") voluntarily and freely assume the Risks, and all loss, damage, cost, injury or death that I may sustain relating to the Risks, and for consideration that I acknowledge is sufficeitn, I hereby release and discharge the Canadian Cancer Society, its agents, employees, directors, officers and licensees from any and all claims, actions, losses, injuries, damages, expenses, costs or relief of any nature or kind whatsoever, including but not limited to the Risks.

NOTE: If you are under 18, you CAN volunteer with a guardian or parent. But if you are volunteering on your own, you MUST email a signed note from a parent or guardian to 

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