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In Dec of 2017, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 2 Breast Cancer.

Team Moobs is running again this year to end Breast Cancer for EVERYONE 

Although the last 3 years have been very challangeing, they have also been very rewarding and have given me several oppertunites to share my story and help raise awareness. This year, I will be the speaker at the 2019 Fredericton Run for the Cure. I have been told that I am the first man to do so in Fredericton and maybe even in canada. It is a great honor to say the least.  

Last Year, "Team Moobs" raised over $8,500 putting us in 1st place! Although we raised the bar high for our first year, I believe that we can do even better this year. I hope to see you all back again this year, and some new faces as well! 


Thank you for continueing to support me and a help make breast cancer a distant mammory





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