Cops for Cancer 2020 - Tour De Rock

10 year old photo, we are still grateful but kids are still hearing cancer
10 year old photo, we are still grateful but kids are still hearing cancer

Team J.A.C.K. Journey Against Cancer in Kids, Mena Westhaver's Team

Hello Friends, Family and Tour De Rock Supporters! 

Yes, this photo may be 11 years old, however, we are forever grateful and sadly, kids are still hearing cancer:(.

Team J.A.C.K. stands for the Journey Against Cancer in Kids... yes, our son Jack is a survivor BUT please know - this is not "just about Jack"'s about every child that dons the bead necklace, or the scar from their port, or the weekly needle pokes, or the shiny bald hair-do, or the daily chemotherapy, or the multiple lumbar puncture scars or the head gear for radiation... it's about super heroes ~ kids affected by cancer.  

I am a proud Tour de Rock alumni rider, member of the Tour de Rock Steering Committee and mom of four boys, one is a cancer survivor.

In 2016 I was a part of a 17 member team that road over 1100kms down Vancouver Island to make a difference in the lives of children affected by cancer. That journey restored my faith in humanity ~ people from all corners of our island were affected by cancer and they cared - they wanted to make a difference. I have been waiting for the news to announce that COVID-19 has canceled Cancer... but it has not and sadly, it will not happen.

However, Tour de Rock will be happening - it will just look a little different this year.

During these extraordinary times, alumni riders have been given the choice to "ride again" to keep the magic of the Tour de Rock alive. Our main goal is to ensure that every child with cancer is reminded that they "will not fight alone".

When asked - I said YES...and I hope you CAN too. Please consider joining my team in the fight against Childhood Cancers. Together we CAN make a difference ~ I have seen it first hand when our son Jack endured 3.5 years of treatment for Leukemia and I hope that every child hearing a cancer diagnosis is given the same opportunity.

Since riding the Tour de Rock in 2016, many things have changed. Our kids have grown older/bigger/stronger, we (yes, Norm and I) have grown more grey hairs, the world has been dealt many challenges, we are grateful as a family to have experienced many events and milestones BUT there is a heaviness in my heart that continues to grow - we have lost lives that should still be here... Cancer does not discriminate, cancer does not care if you are about to graduate from high school, cancer does not acknowledge that you have done "all the right things", cancer doesn't care if you were supposed to be playing hockey with your friends as a 6 year old, and perhaps like me, you maybe asking why. I am choosing to hold on to hope and I am committed to the super heroes... children affected by cancer.

Please consider joining me - become an honorary member of my community team and support the Tour de Rock ~ you can ride around the block or dedicate your next golf game or walk/run a kilometer or 10! Do whatever works for you - let's make this a movement that reminds EVERYONE... that the human race CAN win when we pull together. PLEASE NOTE: Yes, there is a fundraising component to Tour de Rock BUT we CAN also make a difference by sharing a message... please know that your participation is not contingent on any amount of funds raised... "showing-up" is all that matters. Yes, you can pledge me or a team member - thank you.

Please play safe, stay safe and don't stop believing. I am committing to sharing information, ideas, stories along the way until October 2nd when we ride through Victoria and I look forward to and will be honored to see any of you or feel your presence. Thank you!

The following information is from the Canadian Cancer Society in which Tour de Rock supports.
The money raised from this event helps fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives; provide reliable and up-to-date information on cancer, risk reduction and treatment; offer vital community-based support services for people living with cancer and their families; and advocate for healthy public policies.

Every pledge shows families who have a child with cancer that they do not have to face it alone. Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society by reducing administrative costs.

Thanks for your support!


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