Cops for Cancer 2020 - Tour De Coast

Hurrah for Cops for Cancer!
Hurrah for Cops for Cancer!

Tour de Coast 2020

Thank you for checking out the 2020 Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast Fundraising page!!

This year is shaping up to be much different that other years.  Sadly, in these trying times, our kids going through their cancer journey need us even more now than ever.  Being immune compromised, makes our little buddies high risk during this pandemic. Tour this year will be different than ever before, but we will still be there supporting the kids from afar.

We have 42 first responder riders this year.  Here are some little known facts about our amazing 2020 team... Dayne has been dating his wife since grade 2, Joanne has a twin brother, Dan raises PADS dogs, Art was lost overnight on a volcano in Nicaragua, Dave D has broken 17 bones (!!), Jelisa kicked herself in the head during a dance competition, Jamie saved the life of one of our riders on tour, Cindy lived in Germany and can wiggle her ears, Neil is a proud dad to two wonderful boys, Bob's 3 daughters inherited his travel gene, Colin has been a Canucks season ticket holder for 19 years, Navi has travelled to over 60 cities in 20 countries, Nolan's left ear is pointed like an elf, Paul used to take care of grizzlies and wolves, and his brother Mike is the better looking brother, Lee used to disarm land mines, Ahmed lived in North Africa and speaks 3 languages, Tisha's 2 rescue dogs are more work than her kids, Ania is a napping specialist, Eric knows how to Greek dance, Tess is left handed and clumsy, Adam placed 3rd in a hot dog eating contest, Andrew met the Queen and Prince Charles and has served all over the world, this is Steve's fifth tour in a row, Brad was a champion drag racer, Jason rode over the Deputy Chief and kept his job, and Dave F was a Mountie before he was Chief of PMPD.


(want to know more? Check out the rider's fundraising pages!)

As you can see, we all all pretty different, but we are all united in this - one goal - to raise awareness and funds for paediatric Cancer research and Camp Goodtimes.  Our goal is also to be so successful, that we never have to do tours like this anymore, because we have found a cure for this disease.  We want nothing more than to never have another parent have to hear that their child has cancer.















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