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Cops for Cancer Fundraisers

Cancer Sled
Cancer Sled

The Double Up Event

We are participating in this Double Up Event to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Helpmeburycancer “Double Up” Event.
In the dead of winter, beginning February 4th (World Cancer Day) at 7:00 a.m. Mike Duhacek the newly appointed 2023 Canadian Ambassador of Cops for Cancer will pull a heavy snowmobile sled over 200 kilometers from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario, to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society, battling whatever the elements throw at him. His sled will be carrying the six letters from the word CANCER, made of wood cut from a large pine tree.

Please donate OR get involved and team up with Mike by creating your own team under the helpmeburycancer umbrella, by “doubling up” while he’s on the road. Example, if you exercise an hour a day, double that. If you climb five flights of stairs a day, double it to ten…If you walk 2,000 steps a day, double it to 4,000! Ask your friends and connections to donate to our double up initiative.

The money raised from this event helps fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives; provide reliable and up-to-date information on cancer, risk reduction and treatment; offer vital community-based support services for people living with cancer and their families; and advocate for healthy public policies.

LETS DO THIS GUYS and thank you so much for your support!

Thank you to the following Donors from my previous event page!

Aldie Dupuis
Ann Pellerin   $102
Arthur Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd Bonnie Rooney
Bill & Debbie Demers    $102
Bonnie de Wal   $102
Carol Mitche   $102
Cathy and Barry Dorin Kelowna BC   $204
Chris Ledo   $102
Chris Richinson   $204
Christie Livingstone   $102
Daniel Jgadeo   $102
Dave and Iko   $102
Dave and Judy Thomson   $102
Dave Edmonds   $102
Dave O'Neil
Day 1 Roadside Donations
Day 2 Roadside Donations
Day 3 Roadside Donations
Day 4 roadside Donations
Deb Zeller   $102
Diane   $100
Diane Farbar
Doug and Elaine Van Den Kieboom   $102
Duncan Mark Little   $102
Evie Ribble
Flaherty/Chidwick family - GO MIKE!   $102
Fran Konorowski   $76
Fred Snelling   $51
Garett Turcot   $100
George Lange   $100
Gina & Lloyd Clancy   $102
Glenn   $102
Greg Kinnear   $100
Guelph Royals 18U T1
Gwen McDonald   $100
Ian Evans   $102
In memory of Connie Fleigle   $204
Jaimie Killingbeck
James Gess   $102
Jan   $102
Janet Matthews   $100
Janice King   $1,000
Jen W   $51
JMD Lawn Care   $100
John & Deb   $510
Judy Tennyson   $255
Julie G
K. Legault   $141
Kathie Murgel   $102
Keith Moore   $102
Ken Kelertas   $250
Kevin Orr   $100
Kurt and Donna Gowman   $255
Leila Davis   $100
Linda Vines   $250
Liz and Ed Crocket   $250
Lynne Dolan   $100
Marilyn Dickson   $500
Mark Urie
Mike & Jan Nestor   $102
MJ Murray   $102
Mr. Chris Perkins   $100
Mr. Geoff Clarke   $100
Mr. Trevor Bradley   $102
Mrs. Karen Aikman   $51
Mrs. Katie Davenport-Gray
Ms. Clare Carruthers   $102
Nina - just south of Arther in the rain
Pat & Brent Kearse   $76
Paul and Carol Lavergne   $204
Paula Masterson   $102
Rod Demerling   $100
Roy   $255
Ryder Roots   $255
Samantha (Perkins) Villiard   $102
SB   $510
Sherri Harris & Brent Oliver   $102
Shirley Cloutier
Stephanie Schouten   $100
Steve & Tina Chapman   $100
Steve and Liz Allen   $500
Steve Atkinson   $102
Stoney Creek Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mathew Rocca   $102
Teri and Dave   $100
Terri Preston   $102
The Richardsons   $102
We saw you walking in the pouring rain! Feb 9 highway 6   $51
Gina & Lloyd Clancy   $102
Liz and Ed Crocket   $250
Lynne Dolan   $100
Mr. Trevor Bradley   $102


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test team dollars raised v1: $23,444.55

test team dollars raised v2: $22,495.02

test team dollars raised v2:

The Double Up Event

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$23,444.55 raised $30,000.00 goal
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