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The 2023 Move Together Movement Logo
The 2023 Move Together Movement Logo

C4C and Friends

The 2023 Move Together Movement  
Our team name - C4C and Friends 

Find out more event information on Help Me Bury Cancer | Mike Duhacek 

Please consider joining our nationwide team and donating (minimum $25.00) to our team page. It’s as easy as that!

On our red logo there are 120 yellow dashes. Each dash represents approximately 192 kms. As a team, we need to rely on, encourage and support each other to complete all 120 dashes. Our goal is to travel the distance of the perimeter of Canada in 31 days spreading awareness, promoting hope, and raising $23,000 to fight childhood cancer, and support families. It can be as simple as keeping track of walking around your own neighbourhood in the month of August, accumulating kms, which will truly make a difference! Yes, it's that simple...if you don't want to, you don't have to leave your own neighbourhood! Or for that matter, if you're a swimmer, you don't even have to leave your backyard pool! (:

The categories are Feet, Wheels and Hours. Walking, running and hiking fall under the ‘Feet’ category, bikes and rollerblades under the ‘Wheels’ and yoga and swimming under the ‘Hours’ category. The team goal would be 230 hours.

What do I need from you? For you to choose Feet, Wheels and/or Hours and then, move. Walk, run, bike or rollerblade as many kms as you can during the month of August. And/or accumulate hours doing yoga or swimming. Then please write me at as often as you can so I can update the master spreadsheet with all of the up to date information. 

This event is open to everyone and anyone that wants to join. I will tally all members that join, what discipline(s) everyone chooses, and all distances travelled and money raised. Every step, peddle, stride, stroke or pose you make, makes an incredible difference to the ones that need it most. Which of course, is our youngest cancer warriors and their families.

You can join the team as your Police Service, a team from your family, or a team of friends. Or if you do your best work individually, show us what you can do! Ask your connections (family, friends, co-workers, neighbours) to support your (our) efforts and follow and donate to this worthy cause. I think you’ll find when you explain the cause, people are happy to help.

If you join this team, I will promise you this. I will support you, turn myself inside out and provide every ounce of energy I have to this event. I would love to team up with you and accomplish something that has never been attempted. Please consider being a part of it. We can make a difference.


Thank you, 
Mike Duhacek


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test team dollars raised v1: $8,269.28

test team dollars raised v2:

test team dollars raised v2:

C4C and Friends

Please help us reach our goal

$8,269.28 raised $23,000.00 goal
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