Neon Night for Childhood Cancer hosted by Kemptville

Saturday September 19, 2020

Kemptville, ON

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Will Neon Night be happening in person this year?

The health of Canadians is our priority. No one understands better than us how important it is to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) because the people we represent are at heightened risk. We are committed to making sure that all our participants, community members and volunteers are safe.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, Neon Night in Kemptville will not be taking place in person this year.

I don’t live in Kemptville, can I still participate?

Yes!! The Neon Night Kemptville committee is hosting this event and anyone in Canada can participate in the walk/run/roll or either of the contests. All aspects of this event will be virtual.

How do I register for Neon Night for Childhood Cancer?

You can register to participate in an event online by following the step by step instructions on the registration page. If you live in Kemptville and do not want to register online, please contact Yvonne at or 613-601-7043.

You can sign up for the walk/run/roll, poster contest and/or paint your porch or workplace neon contest. You will have the option to choose one, two or all three of these events!

How will the Walk/Run/Roll work?

Participants can choose to do their walk/run/roll anytime between September 1-18. Fundraising can start anytime. Dress in your brightest colours and take some pictures as you do your walk/run/roll. As the event is virtual, feel free to include your 4-legged family members! Send your pictures to so we can share them on our social media pages.

How does the Paint your porch or workplace neon contest work?

Between Sept 1-17 decorate your front porch, driveway or workplace neon! Judging will take place on Sept 18 with the winners being announced on Sept 19 at 7pm on Facebook. Don’t forget to send in a picture of your neon décor to so you can be included in the judging.

Sign up for $10 per house/workplace.

How does the poster contest work?

Create a poster to show how much you support our youngest cancer warriors! Judging will take place on Sept 18 with the winners being announced on Sept 19 at 7pm on Facebook. Don’t forget to send in a picture of your poster to so you can be included in the judging!

Sign up for $10 per family/team/individual.

In previous years participants have received a t-shirt and medal. Will this happen again?

As this year is unique, the committee has decided to not hand out t-shirts but are currently looking at other options. Stay tuned for an update on this.

How do I stay connected to get more information?

You will receive email updates but the best way to keep up to date is to follow our social media at:


Instagram: @neonnightkemptville

Twitter: @neonnight_kempt

What will happen on September 19th?

On September 19th at 7pm, login it to the Neon Night social media pages to hear how much was raised, the top teams and individuals as well as winners of the contests.

I registered online and I'm wondering how can I get others involved with me?

Your Participant Centre contains pre-prepared email invitations that you can use to send personalized asks to your contacts to join you at the event and/or pledge you. You can also use social media to spread the word about your participation in Neon Night by clicking any of the Facebook or Twitter icons on your personal fundraising page.

What is a Participant Centre?

A Participant Centre is a web page for registered participants containing tools to help raise money online. From your Participant Centre, you can customize your fundraising page, upload a photo or link to a video on YouTube, record pledges received in person, import your email address books and send out pre-pared messages, monitor your fundraising progress and more! You will receive a link to your Participant Centre after registering via email.

What is a fundraising page?

Your personal and/or team fundraising page is your public profile promoting your individual or team participation in the event. Emails sent from your Participant Centre will automatically contain a link to your fundraising page, which is what your friends and family see when they are looking to pledge you online in this event.

Can I make my personal fundraising page private?

Yes. From your Participant Centre you can make your personal page private so that it will not show up in public searches when someone is trying to find you to pledge. Simply click the link "Manage my display name" from the right-hand menu of your Participant Centre.

How many pledges do I need?

As many as you want - there is no minimum number of pledges for this event.

Can people other than my teammates see the results of my fundraising online?

Yes. Your fundraising progress is visible on your personal and/or team fundraising page.

I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?

Use the "Forgot my password" link on our login page. You will be asked for your email address (which is also your username) where you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

I forgot my username. Who can help me?

Your username is the email address you used to register. If you cannot remember which email address you used or you have recently changed your email address, please contact