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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2022

SeneGence Breast Cancer Awareness Week!

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) serves the 1 in 8 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and we work to support them by helping people live longer and enhancing their quality of life. Only CCS:


• Funds groundbreaking breast cancer research


• Enables a national support system that makes a real difference for people affected by breast cancer 


• Works with government to shape healthy public policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease 

A tremendous amount of progress has been made against breast cancer, but our work is not done. 

 • Thanks to research, more women are surviving a breast cancer diagnosis than ever before. Because of investments in research, an estimated 88% of women will survive at least five years after a breast cancer diagnosis. 


• Investing in the best breast cancer research in Canada has helped to cut the breast cancer death rate nearly in half since 1986 through improvements in early detection and treatment.


Help raise much needed funds for breast cancer research and programs. 

WE THANK YOU for your support of Breast Cancer research.


Together we will make a difference as we are In this “Fight Together”!

Eva & Peggy

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Proceeds from our fundraiser will support the fight against cancer

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