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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2021

Christmas Lights

Research saves lives!!!

100% of all donations online and on site go directly to the Cancer Society.

Research saves lives!!! LIKE MINE

In 2020 I underwent a new treatment called CAR-T. This treatment has the potential to CURE my type of cancer. I have a PET scan early December and if the results continue to be positive they will consider me to be cured. No more living with the ever-present fear of a recurrence.

This year we are home, and looking forward to having those popular flashy lights back. 24 mini trees and one mega tree will be the centerpiece along with the whole house projection.

Listen on 93.9FM at the house. Santa is upstairs eating his cookies and checking his list.

Come enjoy the lights (18 Mildred St Wpg) and leave a donation in the box or donate here to give others, and myself, hope this holiday season that they or their families won’t need to experience that empty seat at the holiday table.

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Proceeds from our fundraiser will support the fight against cancer

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Michael Geiger-Wolf
$120.00 raised
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