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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2022

June 2018 - BTC 3
June 2018 - BTC 3


My Grandfather is a Cancer Victim
My Mom is a Cancer Survivor
I am a Cancer Fighter.

Like many of you I have been impacted by Cancer. It is a disease that has taken my grandfather and caused my mother to fight for her life. Everywhere I look I see people being affected by this horrific disease.

On June 2018, at our BTC 3 - Prophecy show, I was fighting for my first professional title, while my grandfather was fighting for his life. I was fortunate enough to win my battle, and sadly he did not. With that in mind along with the major negative impacts that Cancer has on all of us, I have decided to start an annual fundraiser: The Adam “Maverick” Assenza’ s ‘Knockout Cancer’ in conjunction with BTC Fight Promotions June show.

I am counting on all of you to help me Knockout Cancer!

All proceeds will be going directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. We will be accepting donations via our online platform, at the show and we will be doing a silent auction with some amazing prizes! The auction starts May 9th via - @aaknockoutcancer

If you have the means, please donate today! The money raised will help Canada’s brightest researchers make groundbreaking discoveries, provide cancer patients with much-needed support services, and ensure that other life-changing work is possible.

It is time for me to take action to do my part with your help, to fight the future of this disease for my family, friends, and Canadians nationwide. I am raising awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. I hope I can count on your support!

Thank you!

Adam ‘Maverick’ Assenza

Your generosity will help the Canadian Cancer Society continue to make the most impact, against the most cancers, in the most communities across the country. Make your donation online – it’s fast, secure and will reduce administrative costs so more of your support goes towards the fight against cancer.

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Proceeds from our fundraiser will support the fight against cancer

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