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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2022

Beat pancreatic cancer (in memory of Berdj Essen)

Hi friends and family,

We need to do more to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. This cancer has the lowest survival rate of 10.8%. More research and testing is needed in order to one day find a way to stop it from taking away our loved ones so quickly. It will not be accomplished overnight, however if we want to avoid the heartbreak and pain families go through, we need to help raise funds for research so that our children, our nephews, our nieces, and our grandchildren do not have to go through something like this without having the medical treatment that may be possible for them one day.

This is why I have set up this fundraising page through the Canadian Cancer Society, to raise money that will go specifically towards research and testing for pancreatic cancer. Please remember, everything helps no matter what we are donating towards this cause.

Thank you!

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Proceeds from our fundraiser will support the fight against cancer

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Thank you
Alain Essen
Arthur Calpakian
Berge Garabedian
Dikran & Patricia
Elizabeth Jutras
Marie-Laure Cimetier
May and Georges
Mr. Harry Kalanian
Yared Family
$6,420.00 raised
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