Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2022: Carlo and Anna Chechile - Canadian Cancer Society - Become a Cancer Fighter

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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2022

Carlo and Anna Chechile

We are a team of Cancer Fighters.


It has been almost 6 months since we lost our dad to a short and aggressive battle to Lung Cancer. Our dad dealt with his diagnosis courageously  and fought graciously with it until the very end. While we each may have our own reason for joining the fight against cancer, we are all united in our belief that we can make a difference. And your support will too!

When you make a donation to our team or to any of the passionate team members, you are providing hope to thousands of people affected by cancer. Your generosity will fund innovative research, provide vital support services to cancer patients and help change lives.

Please donate online today and help our team reach our goal.


Thank you!

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Proceeds from our fundraiser will support the fight against cancer

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Michael Chechile
Mrs. Johanne M Alton
$180.00 raised
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