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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2017

Langelier Lock Lopoff

Paul and Ty are cutting their hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They donate their hair to help make wigs for people who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment.

They are doing this for friends who are currently fighting cancer - Deb, we love you and are pulling for you every step of the way; those who have fought and won - Vern we are so glad you are doig so well; and those who have lost the battle but never stopped fighting - Lorna, even though we lost you we think of you often and miss you still.


In addition to Ty and Paul each donating a ponytail, we have set up a fundraiser at - if we meet our fundraising goal PAUL WILL SHAVE HIS HEAD AND HIS BEARD.

He and Ty are competing to see who can raise the most money.

You are welcome to attend and cheer the guys on.

Ty's team is Ty'sTresses

Paul's team is LangelierLocks

If you can't make a choice then donate to Team Gifts.

Langelier Lock Lopoff (Team Full) Raised
LangelierLocks $100.00
Ty'sTresses $200.00
Team Gifts $425.00
Denotes a Team Captain