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Our Story

When I was just 10 years old I learned how awful this disease is when cancer took my Uncle Ted. At 12 cancer took Uncle Dennis too. My family was lucky to have a 6 year span where a member of my family wasn't battling cancer but then when I was 18 Aunty Lorna succumbed to this disease as well. My husbands granfather was taken from him at age 13. Our children were never blessed with knowing these members of our family. My kids were much younger when they learned first hand how awful this disease is. My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer almost exactly 5 years after my Uncle Brad, luckily they both underwent surgery and came out clear. Undergoing repeated testing Uncle Brad found he had more cancer and just finished a long round of chemo and radiation treatments. My sister was diagnosed during about the same time my dad was, they found it, removed it and was told upon removal of the cancer that they belived they got it all, she too goes for frequent testing. My late Granny had a battle with cancer around age 90, she beat it and passed 6 years later. Our cousin Colleen was only 13 when she was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she will spend her entire life battling the loss of her thyroid. My Opa spent much of his adult life with different cancers, melanoma, colon cancer, pacreatic cancer is what took his life this year. When my best friend at age 32 was diagnosed with colon cancer, her son only 5 at the time and they had just had a beautiful baby girl, fear set in hard. We feared her daughter would never get to know her, that her husband would be left to raise the kids on his own. Her fears were big and small losing her hair. Feeling so helpless, wanting to do anything possible to help ease her pain and fear I told her I'd shave my head if she lost her hair. When Heather messaged me the other day and said she was starting to lose hair, I walked downstairs and told my kids and my 10 year old said "When are we shaving?" My 9 year old and 7 year old had a few questions but quickly jumped in too. My 5 year old has no qualms about it but wished his hair was as long as it once was so he could donate his hair too.

I am so proud of my little family and their big hearts ♥! 

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