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Independent fundraising event - Terms and conditions

The fundraising event organizer, hosting an independent event to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society (the Society), agrees to abide by the Canadian Cancer Society's mission, vision and values, the rules and requirements outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency, the Donor Bill of Rights, the Imagine Canada Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code, and the following terms and conditions:

Financial and insurance

The Canadian Cancer Society will not fund or reimburse any event expenses or be responsible for any financial losses or unsettled accounts should the event not succeed financially. The Society will not underwrite or insure any fundraising events.


The fundraising event organizer will not hold the Canadian Cancer Society accountable or responsible for any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, damages, losses, injuries, expenses, costs (including legal fees), charges and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the management and holding of a fundraising event.

Right of refusal

The Society reserves the right to refuse or relinquish involvement in any fundraising event that does not meet with its approval, without any liability or obligation.

Licences and fees

If licences and/or permits are required for a fundraising event, the organizer is solely responsible for obtaining and paying for this documentation and must conform to all government regulations (federal, provincial and municipal). A Special Occasions Permit (SOP) is required for an event where alcohol is being sold and/or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private place. If you are applying for an SOP, you must do so under your own name and may not use the Canadian Cancer Society name or charitable registration number on your application.

Event revenue submissions

All proceeds from a fundraising event must be submitted within 30 days of the event to the Society, unless otherwise agreed to. Complete a Fundraising Event Remittance form and submit to:

The Canadian Cancer Society,
Nova Scotia Division
5826 South Street,
Halifax, NS B3H 2S6

Event cancellation policy

The fundraising event organizer must notify the Society immediately if the event is cancelled or postponed.

Proud supporter logo

The Society has developed the proud supporter logo to be used for fundraising events. No promotional or wearable materials including collateral, advertisements, T-shirts, publicity or media communications bearing the proud supporter logo may be printed or displayed without the Society's prior review and approval. Approval may take up to 5 business days. The Canadian Cancer Society logo is not to be used for fundraising events.


It is the responsibility of the fundraising event organizer to promote their event. The Society cannot provide any promotion or advertising, including writing and issuing media releases, requesting media (e.g. journalists or television crews) to attend an event, booking advertising space in publications or online or distributing flyers.

Lottery schemes

Lottery schemes are defined as any scheme that has the following components - a prize, payment of a fee and a chance to win. Typically, these schemes include bingos, raffles, games of chance, 50/50 draws, break-open tickets and social gaming events held by charitable or religious organizations. A lottery licence is required to conduct a lottery scheme. Contact us before you proceed with this type of activity.


Any sponsors who participate in a fundraising event must comply with the Canadian Cancer Society's mission, vision and values and business practices. The Society will not support events related to tobacco or tanning beds (including gyms or hair salons that have tanning equipment). The Society will not solicit or approach donors, sponsors, supporters or corporations on behalf of the fundraising event or provide contact or email lists. The Canadian Cancer Society has the right to refuse approval of sponsors as outlined in the national corporate relationship and gift acceptance policy.

Tax receipts

The Canadian Cancer Society is a registered charity and therefore is eligible to issue tax receipts. The Society must abide by the rules and regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency to maintain our charitable status.

Pledges and donations

Tax receipts will be issued to event participants and donors after the event, if the Society is provided with a list of names and addresses (including postal codes) of the individuals to be receipted as well as the donation amounts. Receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more. The total funds donated must be equal to or greater than the amount to be receipted.


For events where tickets will be sold (e.g. gala or dinner and dance), contact us before you set the ticket price to ensure all Canada Revenue Agency guidelines are met. The value of the tax receipt to be issued will be determined after the event. The receipt value depends on factors such as ticket price, meals, complimentary items or giveaways and door prizes.

The Canadian Cancer Society cannot issue tax receipts for:

  • cash sponsors of an event - the Society can provide a letter of acknowledgement that states when the event took place and the amount raised for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • in-kind sponsors who donate products (e.g. food or items for a silent auction) and receive promotional benefits - if there are no promotional benefits, the sponsor may be entitled to a letter of acknowledgement
  • donated services for an event (e.g. tent setup or entertainment)
  • product sales (e.g. T-shirts)
  • lotteries

For more information on tax receipt guidelines, contact us or visit the Canada Revenue Agency at


The Canadian Cancer Society has permission to use any photographs or video of a fundraising event that are submitted by the event organizer or taken by a Society representative for recognition or promotional purposes in any media and territory in perpetuity.

Representation requests

The Canadian Cancer Society will try to accommodate requests for a Society representative or speaker to attend an event or cheque presentation but cannot guarantee availability.

The Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code (EFFAC)

We believe that transparency and accountability are essential to our success. Read our corporate relationship and gift acceptance policy, and our investment policy. The Canadian Cancer Society is compliant with the Imagine Canada Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code - a set of standards for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs responsibly and to comply with generally accepted practices for soliciting and managing donor dollars. Read our ethical code complaints policy. If you have questions, contact