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In Memory of Marike de Kruiff

Marike de Kruiff was more than just a colleague with a great eye for lighting and design. She was a loving wife and mother of four daughters who shared her wisdom (and a few great toys) with me when I found myself a new mum in a strange land with no family support close-by.
Marikes’ passion for light shone through in everything she did. When we were working on retail lighting projects together, she would spend hours taking customers around the country to see the latest trends and unique designs. She would point out things that they could never ‘see’ themselves. And she could take an abstract desire from a customer and turn it into a clear technical specification for the product and optical designers to work on. But she had a great sense of humour too and was not above showing our international visitors the beautiful 'window' lighting and ‘red’ lighting area in Amsterdam. Those of you who have visited the Philips Lighting booth at Light and Building (and Hannover Fair) in years gone by will have seen her work in action. Not just in helping to design the products but also how they were presented and of course, the lighting of the booth itself. She worked very hard to help me develop the ‘flexible ambiance’ theme into what became AmbiLight for shops, that seemed quite radical then – before LEDs were in common use. Now it is used everywhere. There wasn’t a single LED luminaire in our range when we started working on it. Imagine that!

At the L+B, we reminisced about the ‘good old days’ and she was heartened to see that the roots of what we began could still be seen in the evolution of the products and themes shown today. She knew that it would be her last L+B and although tired, was very happy to see a lot of friendly faces.

I was blessed to know Marike for 25 years. She had a lot of friends – both inside and outside Philips. She will be sadly missed by her husband Jan, her daughters and her family.

Our hair, donated in her memory, will help in a small way to alleviate the suffering of another breast cancer victim. Marike told me that one of the worst things about wearing a false wig was that it was very hot and made your head itch. She told me it felt like you had nits. Real hair wigs don't do this but are very expensive to make. Please help us by donating so that a beautiful wig can be made for another breast cancer victim.

Every donation takes us one step further in the fight for life. Online pledging is secure and saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs.

Thanks for your support!

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