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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2017

Cancer Cut

Hi. I'm Marina and I'm 11 years old. I've always had long hair, even when I was a baby I had long hair. My Mum has very long hair too. I love my long hair. But we decided to cut our hair and donate it to make wigs for cancer patients because sometimes cancer medicine makes hair fall out...Grampie’s did.

But cancer is so much more than hair. Grampie was sick for a long time. He was in the hospital a lot, and he had to take a lot of different medicine.
Sometimes the medicine made him feel bad. He died when I was eight. Now he can’t come to my sister’s or my recitals, or my brother’s soccer games, or our birthday parties and I can’t tell him about my report card. I miss him.

Grammie had cancer too. Her hair didn't fall out. She had to have surgery, then she had to go to the hospital every day for 16 radiation treatments and she had to take medicine for 5 years. She has been cancer free for 10 years now so we hope she has beaten cancer! YAY Grammie!!

I decided to get pledges for cutting my hair to raise money for the Canadian cancer society because I want there to be more stories like Grammie, and less like Grampie. Your donations will help with research programs and support for people living with cancer.

Because cancer is so much more than hair.

Thank you for your support.




Cancer Cut (Team Full) Raised
Team Gifts $280.00
Denotes a Team Captain