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Journey for Geraldine

Words cannot describe what the tremendous name Geraldine carries in our family.

Such a beautiful, great, and kind daughter, sister, and aunt she was...

Such a loyal and funny friend to those she held dear...

Such a caring and wonderful wife and mother foremost to her two lovely sons and devoted husband...

Add to that, such a tender grandmother...

Unaware of her illness, she helped us lay to rest our dear Dad and then our dear Mom.

But then, six months plus one day after our mother's passing, on February 20th, 2013, she passed away...away to be with our parents.

Diagnosed in October and gone in February, so quick and unforgiving her illness was, just as cancer tends to be.

Yet, she was a fighter who fought until she couldn't any more.

Even in the midst of her greatest pain, she always wore a smile and even in her last couple of weeks upon this Earth, she gathered the strength to knit, one of the many crafty things she did. She had plans even to knit an infinity scarf and to do a shadow box like what she saw at the flea market that we took her to in December while on a day trip from the hospital...oh, how our inifinite sister was determined...

So, determined we are as well to continue her fight agaisnt cancer, to make it nothing but a shadow in a shadow box...

Let's all work togther until that dirty word is kicked to the curb!

(Since Geraldine's passing, our family has experienced more losses to cancer but many other families have too. Our sister Della lost her brother Bruce due to urethral cancer in 2015; our sister Eileen lost her husband Les due to pancreatic cancer in 2015, and our sister Loretta lost her husband Steve due to lung cancer just in February of this year. Lastly, we want to remember also our dear sister-in- law Cheryl who has been battling brain cancer for three years. There is no fighter like her:)

Take care and God Bless

Journey for Geraldine

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