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The Coletta Cancer Crusaders
The Coletta Cancer Crusaders

Coletta Cancer Crusaders

Support the Fighters. Admire the Survivors. Honour the Taken.

We live in an idealist world - we aim to achieve ‘perfection’ causing us to become out of touch with reality. When tragedy strikes, however, we are left in a state of shock and confusion - our autonomy is taken from us and the direction of where our life is headed is uncertain.

1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with Cancer, they say. Our unfortunate reality helps to support this hypothesis - no chi-squared test is needed. Two years ago, we lost our hero to a 4 year battle. Our mother and nonna, Evelina, was a warrior - having dealt with heart issues, a few broken bones, and the stress of having 10 loud and rambunctious grandchildren, she never complained and persisted through it all. It was unbearably difficult to recognize that cancer would be the antagonist to end her winning streak, but we're proud to say that she battled to the end.

In the midst of her battle, her grandson Adam was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). After one relapse and two bone marrow transplants, Adam is looking to the horizon and it’s becoming more and more apparent that his future entails him walking his daughter down the aisle and annoying us all for years on end.

In saying this, Cancer has ingrained itself into our journey through life, causing us to become passionate about turning these lemons into lemonade.

Everyone on our team has their own reasons for participating in the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life, but one thing unites us all: a belief that we can create a world where no one fears cancer.

We hope we can count on your support. Join our team and help us fundraise. Or make a donation to fund Canada’s most promising research, vital support services for patients and their families, and other important work that could change the future of cancer.

Thank you!

The Coletta Cancer Crusaders

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