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Hello all!
Why am I participating in the relay for life? My MIRACLE MOM. She really is the living, breathing definition of a miracle.

In 2017, amid the horribleness of watching our beloved Aunt Cindy lose her battle with leukaemia, our mom Patty Round was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Mom endured many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to battle this horrible disease. In 2018, lung surgery was done to remove a part of her lung and she was declared CANCER FREE!

In 2020, Mom was experiencing headaches, memory loss and confusion. A trip to the ER found a mass on the left side of her brain. After a terrifying stay in the hospital, the mass was removed and Mom is, again, officially CANCER FREE.

This year, and every year in the future, I plan to participate to show how freaking proud I am of my Mom for never giving up and continuing to fight every day.

Love you Mom!!

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