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Welcome to the team page of Jordana Buchan’s COUNT ME(ts) IN Run for the Cure Team.

Jordana Buchan was diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). Over her 9 years living with MBC, Jordana became a passionate advocate for the living with the disease and educating others (such as myself) about Metastatic Breast Cancer. In Jordana’s won words, “The tremendous challenge people with Stage 4 (Metastatic) cancer face, is the this is the only kind of cancer that kills. If breast cancer remains in the breast - is it controllable. Once it leaves the breast for the bones, liver, brain, and/or lungs and becomes metastatic (stage 4), it is fatal. Unfortunately, only 30% (a very generous estimate) of all breast cancer funds are directed to research that will focus on how to stop metastasized cancer. Funding more research is the only way to provide more treatment options that may eventually save my life.”

Unfortunately, on July 12, 2021 Jordana’s treatment option ran out and she passed leaving behind her husband, 2 children, and many family and friends.

The team she was a part of creating and led so passionately has raised of $150,000 from MBC research! This team will continue as her legacy in the hopes that once in the near future, MBC will be a disease to live with a manage (like diabetes), not to die from.

Jordana, thank you for all of your support while I was going through my own treatment for Stage 2 Breast Cancer. I stood stronger through it all thanks to you, Leah and so many others in the support group you helped establish. Even though you were going through your own never ending treatments and facing saying goodbye to your family you never stopped supporting others and advocating for better treatment options.

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