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Mum in a signature vest.
Mum in a signature vest.

Sallying Forth

Verb: Sally Forth - To leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult.

Sonja and I finally cleaned out Mum’s closet last month.

I’ve thought about tackling it many times over the past six years, but I have always found the prospect of doing it too daunting.

It was hard. Hard looking through those clothes that were ‘her’. The colours, the patterns, the fabrics that most people couldn’t pull off, but somehow, she could. They contributed to that sense of vitality that she exuded. That sense of vitality that I miss so much.

Cancer has been a constant presence in our family for more than 35 years. But things have come a long way in that time.

Breast cancer death rates have decreased by an estimated 48% since they peaked in 1986, thanks to improvements in early detection and treatment. Improvements made possible in part due to the funds raised through events like the Run for the Cure.

On Sunday, October 6th we’ll be taking part again. We’ll be walking to help reduce the number of people diagnosed with breast cancer. To help reduce mortality for those who develop the disease. To improve the quality of life for those affected. And we’ll be walking to remember Mum.

Will you join us?

- Gwen

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