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Metastatic Breast Cancer TJW YNWA

While Canadians are living longer, healthier lives after a breast cancer diagnosis, roughly 30% of early stage breast cancer will return as metastatic breast cancer. 6-10% of Breast cancer is de novo right from the start - meaning it is already in another organ when initially found in the breast. That all means roughly 40% of all breast cancer diagnosis will end up as Stage IV ( I was diagnosed de novo )!

Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) is the only type of Breast Cancer that kills.

While a very small percentage of people live many years with Stage IV MBC, the average life expectancy is between 2-3 years and chances of reaching the 5 and 10 year survival rate is only 28% & 8% respectively ( I am at year 3.5 )!

Historically money raised for breast cancer research was directed to early detection and treatment of early stage cancer - with only 3-5% being directed to diagnosis, treatments and improving the quality of life for stage IV patients.

The Canadian Cancer Society has been directing more money to MBC research and treatments by way of the Metastatic Futures Fund. In 2018 roughly 1/3 of their total funding was spent on metastatic research, and in August of 2019 they jointly created the Metastatic Dream Team with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) Canada to announce the SU2C Canada Metastatic Breast Cancer Dream Team.

The Dream Team will receive up to $6 million in funding over 4 years to conduct a nationwide clinical trial to test a new way of treating metastatic breast cancer. The trial's goal is to stop cancer cells from becoming aggressive and spreading to other organs.

For the second year, I have created team Metastatic Breast Cancer TJW YNWA (You Never Walk Alone) so that all donations raised by me/my team will be directed specifically to help with ongoing research for mBC.

Every dontation makes a difference and I THANK YOU for any contribution you are able to make!


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Support Metastatic Breast Cancer TJW YNWA