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Every day, 70 Canadians will hear the words "you have breast cancer." While these Canadians are living longer, healthier lives after a breast cancer diagnosis, there is still so much work to be done.

By participating in this year's Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure, I'm helping make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians affected by breast cancer. I'm running in honour of the incredible people in my life, and I need your support!

Please contribute what you can to help me achieve my fundraising goal. Every dollar makes a difference. Your donation will fund the best breast cancer research and the largest support system in the country for people affected by cancer.

Together, we can change the future of breast cancer.

I have chosen to take part in this years event, as Breast Cancer has recently become more of a reality in my life
As most of you know by now my Mother, better known as the one and only Tina, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year very shortly after her 50th birthday
A lot of us know someone who just seems invincible, no matter what they've been through or cards they've been dealt, they come out stronger every timeWell that's Tina! My Mom is my hero and idol for so many reasons, but the main one being her strength and positivity through any and everything; and she has truly been through any and everything you could imagine, proving her strength from a very young age!
There's a lot of you that would never know or believe what this woman has overcome, and that's because she carries herself with such positivity, warmth and kindness 24/7and I mean 24/7!! Growing up I definitely didn't help any stress or anxieties she may have had [if you knew me as a child & teen, no need to explain lol], Maybe I was oblivious to her feelings because even at home, she was superwoman, and I didn't believe any of my actions would effect her because I grew up seeing she could handle anythingor so I thought, because she never allowed us to witness her struggling or broken at any point. Fast forward a lot of maturing, and even though I always knew it, I finally grew an appreciation for her strength, kind heartedness and everything she taught us.
I believe this was a really difficult reality for our family to face, because we still see Tina as invincible, and at 50 years old with great health, and people not believing she could possibly be my mother because of her all around youthfulness (insert eye roll for every time people insist she's my sister lol), nothing like this was even a though in her or our minds! It's also been tough and a new/strange[?] emotion, because I/we (I think it's safe to speak for my brother here as well, and I absolutely need to include my step dad, because he holds the same strengths due to his own struggles that he has overcome throughout his life) have developed that strength that Tina showed and taught us our entire lives, and instinctually I think have felt like we needed to step up and be the strong ones now, and show Tina our positivity in order to keep hers up, because at this point we have no expectations of her to be the heroTo this day, none of us have cried together, but I'm going to be the first of us to admit I have plenty/you bet I am right now lol, and THAT IS OKAY!! So Mom, I hope you don't see my emotions as cold or a disregard, James, Dylan & I just want to be your superhero's noweven if there isn't much we can do other than pray, and be your rock/shoulder etc..and even though we're not as good at it as you, I hope that our positivity, jokes, etckeep your positivity and strength high.
All of that said, and even though she doesn't need to be the strong one for all of us right now, Tina is still blowing our mindsThis woman, truly now, never ceases to amaze me, and all others in her life. She's continues to carry that strength, along with her infectious smile and laugh, and eagerness to work and not just relax!!

I will be walking for Tina on October 4th, and will be grateful to anyone else who would like to join my team to help raise awareness & money for Breast Cancer Research and all of the other fighters like Tina.
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