Amina's team is running on October 4th to find a cure!
Amina's team is running on October 4th to find a cure!

Amina's Team

This year, I lost my mother to cancer. Although my mom was diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer - I do feel that the underlying sentiment for anyone who has gone through being around a cancer patient or has had to deal with it themselves is extremely hard.

My mom was diagnosed with Cancer two years ago, it was a hard reality we all had to come to terms with. When she was first diagnosed, I had hope that like a dark cloud, it would all go away and we can live a happy, normal life again without her having to go through treatments, pain and discomfort. My mom had to go through three really critical surgeries, three months of radiotherapy, and immunotherapy, until we heard otherwise from doctors. Luckily, I had the chance to have her around for two years, rather, than the original "three months" the doctors gave her when she was first diagnosed. My mother was my best friend and I mean she always will be. She was a fighter above all else, never giving up, and determined to get better. Above all else, always supportive of me, my sisters and my dad - the love of her life.

That's the thing about cancer though, you never know what you're going to get and you need to be ready to hear the worst or the best kind of news. I've decided this year to make sure whatever it is I'm doing is mainly to honour her and her beautiful life. So this one is for all the daughters who consider their moms to be their best friends, and are going through this sort of devastation. It's hard, but there is a way out, and there's so much beauty in the world that we need to celebrate and honour those we love whenever we can.

Join "Amina's Team" to donate for breast cancer research. And join me to run for my mom. <3

All love,


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