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Breast Cancer - two words that strike fear into the hearts of women across the world as they fall onto the ears of one in eight women over the course of their lives - fear for our mothers, our daughters, our aunts, our grandmothers, our friends, our sisters, our nieces and ourselves.

Advancements are being made in fighting breast cancer, but the fight to cure breast cancer is not over. Each year, the research that goes into finding a cure requires funding. The CIBC Run for the Cure has successfully raised 462 million dollars for breast cancer research since its inception in 1992. Let’s be a part of finding the cure! Please donate to our team in hopes that your donation may help someone be fearless as they hear the diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer - those same words recently fell onto the ears of our friend and teammate Jackie. Jackie is an extraordinary woman. Her many traits already include strong, friendly, hilarious, steady, smart, loving, talented, and altruistic. She now adds FEARLESS to her list of characteristics as she faces her diagnosis and chooses to win her fight against breast cancer. Letting her fight alone is not an option. Join us in supporting Jackie, and all of the people who are fighting with her. Please donate to Jackie’s Juggernauts in Jackie’s name, and help find the cure.

Did you know that just $100 could fund two hours of life-saving research in a world class laboratory? Your contribution could lead to the next breakthrough! 
Together, we can change the future of breast cancer. 
Thanks in advance for your support!  

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