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Hi Everyone,

2020 hasn't exactly been a barrel of fun but our 2019 was not much fun either as our Jenn was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery followed by scans and tests we learned she has advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). Our objective is to raise both awareness for MBC and funds that go directly to MBC research/treatments. Unlike other breast cancers, MBC cannot be cured therefore treatment is lifelong with a focus on controlling the disease and quality of life and the funds we raise will go directly towards MBC. Progress is continually being made and our ultimate goal to find a cure! In addition to Team Jennitalia, Jenn is also the captain of the MBC Calgary Team which consists of women and men living with MBC in our city who are also trying to make a difference.

For those that don't know, here are 10 facts about MBC:

1. No one dies from breast cancer that remains in the breast. Life is threatened when cancer spreads or
metastasizes to a vital organ, such as the liver, lungs, brain or bone marrow.
2. An estimated 15,000 Canadians are currently living with metastatic breast cancer (also called Stage IV
breast cancer).
3. MBC accounts for about 5,000 deaths annually in Canada.
4. Treatment for MBC is lifelong and focuses on control of the disease and quality of life.
5. About 5% of people are Stage IV at their initial diagnosis. (Yes our Jenn is part of this 5%) 
6. Early detection does not guarantee a cure. MBC can occur 5, 10, 15 years after a person’s original diagnosis and treatment.
7. 20% to 30% of people initially diagnosed with early stage disease will develop MBC.
8. Researchers still do not understand why breast cancers metastasize.
9. Young people, as well as men, can be diagnosed with MBC.
10. Like early stage breast cancer, there are different types of MBC.

On behalf of Jenn and her family thanks in advance for your support!

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