Metastatic Breast Cancer Pink Hearts

The Pink Hearts have been Running for A Breast Cancer Cure for 18 years and I have been very pleased with the fundraising results of this team , proud to have walked with my team heroes over the years and blessed that I have been a survivor for 18 years now.

Two months ago, I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer, 18 years after my initial breast cancer diagnosis. It was very difficult to accept that this disease could resurface and spread after so many years. But it has and now my next battle has begun. As with all those diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer my goal is to continue being a survivor for many more years. I am optimistic that I can achieve this due to the continued advancement of different therapies and the continued support of all my team members and heroes including all the doctors and support staff that I’m lucky to still have.

I have renamed the team to “Metastatic Breast Cancer Pink Hearts” to bring awareness to the importance of investing in research aimed at treating and beating Breast Cancer that has spread beyond the breast. Your donations will be directed to these ground breaking efforts within the Canadian Cancer Society.

Thank you in advance !!!!


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