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Team Belletti United in the Fight!
Team Belletti United in the Fight!

Team Belletti

Every day, 75 Canadians will hear the words “you have breast cancer" and in February of 2019 our Team Captain, Karen Rossetti heard those words and then again heard them in May of 2019, in September of 2020 Karen's one and only sister, Laurie Kaufman, Team Captain of Team MamaK42 in Kitchener also heard those words and in May of 2022, our dear friend, Suzanne Bickford heard those words as well. Laurie and Suzanne's battles have been difficult and yet these strong women have battled and perservered. Sadly, we also all know others who have also been diagnosed and have fought this battle, including Olivia Newton-John.


While our journey has moved to survivorship, our battle remains true each and every day. With every appointment, the anxiety grows. Every ache and pain, one's mind travels to is it back? Has it spread?

This journey that we are on is like a long distance, cross-country hurdle race .... a race where you never know when the next hurdle is, how high the hurdle is, the distance between one hurdle and the next etc. The reality is, there are still so many other women and yes, even men who are battling this insidious disease. While these Canadians are living longer, healthier lives after a breast cancer diagnosis, there is still so much work to be done and we are asking for your support.

I think it's fair to say that Suzanne's, Laurie's and my mantra since diagnosis have been and remains "Faith over Fear" and it has been our faith, and the faith of our family and friends and even perfect strangers who have lifted us up and carried us through.

By participating in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society's CIBC Run for the Cure, and with your help, we are helping change the future of breast cancer. We are participating in this run in recognition of our battle and ongoing battle, but also for all those warriors who have fought the fight and for those who have been or sadly will be diagnosed. 

Please contribute what you can to help us achieve our fundraising goal of $3000. Every dollar makes a difference. Your donation will fund the best breast cancer research in Canada and a vitally important support system that helps people with breast cancer and their families nationwide. Alternatively, you can also join our team! Just reach out to any one of us.

Did you know that just $100 could fund two hours of life-saving research in a world class laboratory? Your contribution could lead to the next breakthrough!

Together, we can show Canadians facing breast cancer that we will never stop running. Thank you!


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