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I am a cancer fighter ... and a survivor!

I don't normally talk about my story as it didn't play out like most. I am one of the VERY lucky ones. I was diagnosed, I had surgery and after almost 10 years of being monitored by an oncologist I was given the all clear. I did not suffer through treatment or lose my hair, I was and am VERY lucky.

I am proud to run 5km (yikes) on the Road to Relay this June and I am proud to tell my story ... a success story I hope many others will tell thanks to the money we raise this June.

So, here is my story.

May 10, 1999. I don't think you ever forget the day you are told you have cancer.

It was a pretty big day for me. I had just turned 23, just graduated University and just that morning started my first day at a new job where I was handed a plane ticket to Vancouver where I would start my career. Oh yeah, and I just found out I had cancer.

I remember his words ... low-grade malignant sarcoma. I remember how nice my doctor was as he told me I would need another surgery to remove the affected tissue. I remember feeling numb.

The next few weeks were a blur. I had moved from Toronto to Vancouver, found a place to live and started my new job. The distraction was welcome - there was no time to worry about the diagnosis with so much else going on.

Shortly thereafter I flew home for graduation ... and my second surgery. Much to the chagrin of my oncologist I was back in the air two days later to avoid detection at work. I was young and afraid that my diagnosis would hurt my career so I kept it secret. I will never forget the look on the doctor's face when I "popped into emerg" on my lunch break to have 18 staples removed.

The next 9 years involved regular follow ups for x-rays and physicals to ensure the cancer had not come back. As the appointments spread further apart so did the anxiety ... that is until my final appointment. I was living in Calgary and was coming home to Toronto to see my fiancee. The words were different this time ... the words hit home. I remember him saying "you're still here ... you won". I remember feeling numb. All this time I thought my cancer wasn't real ... I never had chemo, I never lost my hair, I never thought of myself as fighting cancer.

As I said in the beginning I am one of the VERY lucky ones. I know now how scared I should have been. I know now how lucky I am. 

I am proud to be raising funds to support the fight against cancer. The money I raise will help the Canadian Cancer Society fund life-saving cancer research, offer vital information on cancer and provide compassionate support services to people living with cancer and their families.

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