Bark For Life

Get your company involved

Team up with the Canadian Cancer Society to make the biggest impact against cancer - sponsor Bark For Life!

Connecting your brand to this growing event and such an important cause will reinforce your brand's relationship with the Society’s target audience and, more importantly, their relationship with your brand.

The Canadian Cancer Society has the most impact, against the most cancers in the most communities in Canada. We are your best partner in the fight against cancer as we fight all 200-plus types of the disease.

By sponsoring Bark For Life, you'll help the Society provide essential support programs to people living with cancer in your community and fund the most innovative and impactful cancer research in the country. In return, you can rely on the collective assets and marketing strength of the Canadian Cancer Society to deliver a direct, comprehensive presence and clearly defined return on investment.

To start a conversation on how sponsoring Bark For Life can meet your organization’s goals, please contact:

Jill Somers
Winnipeg Bark For Life