Bark For Life

About the Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers and staff whose mission is to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, the Society has the most impact, against the most cancers, in the most communities in Canada.

Each dollar raised brings us one step closer to creating a world where no one fears cancer. By participating in Bark For Life, you are helping to:

  • Fund Canada's most promising research
    More people are surviving cancer than ever before. Today, more than 60% of people diagnosed with cancer will survive compared toonly about 25% in the 1940s when we began funding research.
  • Stop cancer before it starts.
    Our researchers are leading the flight to prevent cancer while we promote healthy lifestyles and advocate for policies that protect ourhealth and support people who have cancer and their families.
  • Ensure that no one has to fear cancer alone.
    We offer compassionate and personalized services to those diagnosed with cancer, as well as supporting their families and friends. We are here to help answer questions about treatment, diagnosis, care and more. We help connect people when they need to talk and link them to other services in their community. 

For more information on any of our services or programs or to find out how to get involved, please visit cancer.ca.