Welcome to My Personal Page

Hi and thank you for visiting my page!  My name is Nicole Weiss and I’m a marketing professional for an asset management company in Toronto’s financial district.  With over 7 years in the marketing industry, I’ve spent most of my time in professional services, where I’ve organized events, executed on campaigns and developed go to market strategies for the business.  Outside of my professional life, I’m an avid skier in the winter and Blue Jay supporter in the summer.  I’m a travel-junkie and almost never turn down an invite to go to a new city or do some exploring!

I’m very honoured to be part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Young Professional’s Network (YPN) – it’s an unfortunate reality that today there is virtually no one who can say they haven’t been affected by cancer in some way.  My grandparents have battled cancer at various points in their lives, and while not all were fortunate to be named a cancer survivor, I’m so proud to have seen the fierceness that each and every one of them brought to the fight. 

As part of the Canadian Cancer Society, my goal is to contribute and fundraise for leading-edge cancer research so we can improve treatments, offer more support and ultimately, prevent cancer so all can lead long, happy, cancer-free lives.  I’m happy to be part of the YPN team and am excited to share this experience with other young professionals as we continue to support the cause together.

Each pledge takes me one step closer to my goal. Thanks for your support!