Bark For Life in Ottawa 2014

Team Sit With Me

Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue is participating in Bark For Life to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society.

We would like to dedicate our fundraising efforts in loving memory of our unofficial team mascot: Dodger.

It is said that people – and dogs – come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. In our case, Dodger came into the lives of all of us at Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue for all three.

He came at the end of June as a poignant reminder that the youngest and strongest of dogs can fall prey to cancer. He came to illuminate our days with his bright eyes, bouncing gait and outgoing personality, despite his declining health. He came to show us that when he ultimately passed, he would, through his remarkable spirit and special bravery, remain with us always. 

How fitting then, is this tribute photograph of a handsome, outsized and heroic dog named Dodger draped across a tiny couch! 

Merely days before his death, it was all but certain that Dodger had osteosarcoma (bone cancer), which had already metastasized to his lungs. Rather than face the pain of further exploration, we had decided to place him in our care as a Sit With Me sanctuary dog. But before we could even implement our plan, our Dodger was gone, crossing Rainbow Bridge on July 18th and running free.

This, unfortunately, is the most difficult part of rescue: when dogs entering into our care are so ill that nothing – neither loving nor funding -- can save them. And yet, we at Sit With Me Shelter Rescue draw strength from knowing that Dodger lived the last of his precious days surrounded by and warmed within the circle of our love for him.

On behalf of Dodger and every dog whose life we attempt to make better, we thank you for your support.

Team Sit With Me (Team Full) Raised
Team Gifts $340.00
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