30-Day Cycling Challenge

Indoors, outdoors, anywhere, any time in November!

Need motivation to get moving in November? Take our 30-day challenge to cycle the same distance cancer patients in your community travel to life-saving treatment.

In Ontario, 1 in 5 cancer patients cannot get to their cancer-related appointments. Support the Wheels of Hope transportation service by inviting people to pledge the average cost of one round trip to treatment and pledge yourself!

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30-Day Cycling Challenge

Anywhere you want on the open road or indoors on a stationary bike on your own or with a group whatever works for you., Ontario

For more information, please contact:

Anita Carley, Community Fundraising Specialist
1-800-367-2913 or 613-267-1058

Fundraising Progress
Goal: $5,000.00
Raised: $1,370.00
Top Teams
Top Participants
  1 -  Gold Daffodil Self Pledger Laurie Blackstock ($670.00)
  2 -  Silver Daffodil Self Pledger MichelleH ($525.00)
  3 -  Yellow Daffodil Self Pledger Anita Carley ($120.00)
  4 -  Self Pledger Glen B ($30.00)
  5 -  Pat Kerr ($25.00)