Relay For Life in Fraser Valley

Andrea's Adventurers at the 2019 Relay for Life.
Andrea's Adventurers at the 2019 Relay for Life.

Andrea's Adventurers

Andrea's Adventurers are a group of family and friends who have come together to fight back against cancer. We do this for our family members who are still fighting. We do this for the survivors. We do this so that the next generation won't have to fear the words "you have cancer."

Andrea’s Adventurers Charity RPG Weekend

May 27-29, 2022

Join us for three days of roleplaying games dedicated to raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society! We’ll be playing RPGs live on Twitch with the hope of raising $5,000. Your donations can have an influence on the games, so tune in for three days of adventures.

Let’s roll a nat20 to beat cancer.

Learn more at

~~Donation Tiers~~

  • $10: d6 die of inspiration to random player
  • $20: Natural 20 to player of your choice
  • $50: Natural 1 or 20 to a GM of your choice
  • $75: Greater healing potion and a d6 of inspiration to player of your choice
  • $100: Natural 1/20 to GM AND player of your choice, PLUS Adventure Dice will donate a set of dice to Camp Goodtimes, a camp for kids and families who have been affected by cancer
  • $200: All of the above.
  • $500: You and 3 friends can play D&D5e with Andrea and Blair from Adventure Dice (at date to be determined).

Note: To specify the player or GM of your choice, please email Andrea at or message Andrea or Blair on the Adventure Dice discord server ( Otherwise we will draw someone at random.

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Be recognized as one of the top 3 teams at your Relay! The top 3 teams who meet the minimum fundraising amount of $5,000 by the deadline of June 1* will receive a Team Tent space. You can decorate the space, hangout there on Relay day and receive the VIP experience!

*Only funds reflected on the website by June 1 2022 at 10pm PST will be counted.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in Relay For Life – it was a huge success! Our website is accepting donations until August 31. Keep fundraising to support Canadians facing cancer – they need us year-round.