Welcome to team Teed Saunders Doyle's Fundraising Page

We are team TAXMANIAN DEVILLED EGGS!  Shelley Morell, Rylan Melles, Janet White, Sawyer Eddy, Megan Foreman and Nick Lawrence.

We have all joined Cook for the Cure for many reasons !

Megan Foreman

Hearing the words “you have cancer” was the beginning of the scariest roller coaster of emotions I have ever experienced. I was 27 years old, shocked, and absolutely terrified. 6 years later, as a survivor, I know first hand that having support is a huge factor in beating this disease. The Canadian Cancer Society was one of the first organizations I reached out to and they stepped up with resources almost immediately to help me and my family through the worst year of our lives. I am participating in the CFTC to give back. I want people to know how much they helped me, in hopes they will continue to give, so this organization can continue to help each and every family who needs them.

Shelley Morell

I have many reasons why I have joined our Cook for the Cure team.  I have friend's and coworkers who have been diagnosed, I have friends who have lost parents and family.  And cancer has recently affected my family's life.  My father was diagnosed with cancer last May and his strength, courage and perseverance reminds me every day that we need to help find a cure so family and loved ones do not have go through this.  My Dad also loves food so no better way to help and give back by doing something he loves - cooking !

Janet White

The first time I heard anything of cancer was when my father called me and said "I have cancer".  That was in 2002.  At that time cancer had never touched any of my close family and friends.  Fast forward 17 years later.  Family,  friends and co-workers are braving the disease with the highest hope for successful outcomes.  Since then there have been so many advances in treatment and so many more survivors.  Let's make them ALL survivors. This is why I joined our work team, to continue raising awareness and raising funds to help find that cure for everyone.

Rylan Melles

I eagerly joined this team for a chance to lend a hand up to those who have been knocked down by this disease. And to put smiles on the faces of friends and family members who watch their loved ones endure often times painful treatments. And to honour the memory of those who loved pan-seared scallops but are no longer with us to eat them.

Thanks for your support!